Royal Blue Mansion

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  • 中国, 浙江省, 杭州
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  • Sunac China | Jincheng Group
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  • 完成时间
  • 2018



Royal Blue Mansion is located in a newly developing area with open and expansive views to the surrounding mountains. To capitalize on this and its slightly elevated corner location the landscape design is more open to the street than many sales areas which enclose the building.

Visitors are greeted by the sight of a large metal flower sculpture which appears to be floating on a reflection pool. Open to the intersection the water feature uses the level change to create a dramatically overhung tension edge and, on the lower level fountains activate the edge of the pedestrian way. Metallic planters and screens provide gently curving forms that, combined with the pathways and plantings guide visitors to the sales center.


Jinmao Palace

中国, 浙江省, 宁波

Nantang Jinmao stage2

Jinmao Residence

中国, 浙江省, 宁波

Haishu Jinmao Palace

Szeyup Palace Display Area

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Szeyup Palace

Modern Art 1958

中国, 浙江省, 杭州

Modern Art 1958


2019 REARD

普利斯设计集团 在全球设计大奖 上摘金!


普利斯设计集团 宣布与Innovociti 结成战略伙伴

开放空间,开发 的重中之重
Open Spaces a Key to Development

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